Avoiding conflicts of interest

Investment advisors are commonly incentivised by commission. Different products and providers pay different commission. Under the Aspire brand, APIA Ltd does not ordinarily receive commission, thereby avoiding any conflict of interest in its recommendations.


Client assets under our management are deposited with third party global financial institutions, in those offshore jurisdictions which combine established, rigorous and effective legislative and regulatory regimes, as well as insurance based investor compensation schemes.


Our investment goal differs from the common practice of measuring performance against artificial benchmarks - after all, benchmarks can go down as well as up. Instead we simply measure investors returns against cash, because this measure is unambiguous: a portfolio either delivers superior returns to cash on deposit or it does not.


We value our independence highly. We suffer none of the potential conflicts of interest or distractions that come from being the subsidiary of a bank or stockbroking firm. Independence of mind and independence of interest are invaluable in allowing us to be impartial when managing our clients portfolios.

Risk Management

Our 'value driven' asset allocation model can lower the risks of investing without compromising targeted returns. In an uncertain world, our investment positioning, sophisticated diversification and hedging strategies, can all add stability to an investors portfolio.

Easy Access and Administration

Withdrawals and income can be paid out from portfolios from day one without penalties. Online valuations are available through our website. Regular detailed statements, reviews and newsletters ensure our clients are kept fully informed of their portfolios progress.